I am Nitesh, a recent graduate from the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi. Two years back, I would have described myself as a geek who loves anything technology - be it smartphones or signal processing or artificial intelligence or power electronics. Now I hold a well rounded view with an increased focus and respect towards the theoritical and mathematical underpinnings.

Presently, I am working at Finmechanics, Mumbai. We are an (almost) all IITian crowd with a strong start-up like mentality. Software engineering, development and quant finance are like the three tenets of what I do at work. Since I've spent two and half years here, I've faced and solved many challenges in a time-limited, resource-constrained and delivery-focussed environment. Some of them include matching exotics' pricing, greeks, rate curves, vol surfaces with market, solving low latency multi-threading related heisenbugs in production, developing visually appealing screens overnight for client demos etc.

You can find more about me in the few tabs around. Feel free to explore the site and don't forget to post a feedback. Thanks!


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